Rahdo's Top 10 Roll & Write Games

Rahdo's Top 10 Roll & Write games (as of May 27, 2018) ---> See more at rahdo.com

Last Updated: Saturday, October 31, 2020

1) The Castles of Burgundy: The Dice Game
The Castles of Burgundy: The Dice Game
Develop idyllic farmlands, castles and towns using placement and timing. ...

2) SteamRollers
In SteamRollers, players use dice to build the best railway network, upgrade their engine, and beat their opponents to the most lucrative cargo deliveries. Make smart use of the dice to become the world's most famous railroad tycoon! Each round, a certain number of dice are rolled and people draft one die with which to perform an action. They can draw a railroad track on their personal board, use the die to upgrade their engine, deliver a cube from a common supply board using their personal network (if their engine is strong enough) for victory points, or take a special card ...

3) Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age
Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age
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Roll and Civilize your way to victory with an ancient Mediterranean empire. ...

4) Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama
Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama
The forest guardians have asked you to restore the paths to the ancient temples. ...

5) On Tour (Second Edition)
On Tour (Second Edition)
The second edition of On Tour now supports 8 players out of the box (instead of 4 in the first edition). A second copy of the game will support up to 16 players. The map boards are double sided featuring the US map on one side (the one from the first edition) and a map of Europe of the other side. The European map has the same rules as the USA map, but the differences in geography create a different feel and strategy. There are fewer connections on the European map (70 lines for 39 countries vs 89 lines for 41 states). However, ...

6) Saint Malo
Saint Malo
Developer Stefan Brück at alea describes Saint Malo as "a light, dice-rolling strategy game in which the players draw their own city buildings, walls, and people on wipe-off boards". In more detail, in Saint Malo players roll five dice to gain various resources; combinations of dice create enhancements like characters or buildings, which can provide additional victory points, money, or special actions, such as altering the outcome of a die roll. Players draw symbols for their holdings on erasable boards showing a grids of their cities to create individual towns. Players could build storehouses on particular squares, for example, then place ...

7) La Granja: No Siesta
La Granja: No Siesta
Collect goods and workers in a roll and write version of La Granja. ...

8) OctoDice
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The theme of OctoDice is based on Aquasphere, and the game mechanisms recall that board game. On your turn, you roll six dice (three white and three black); two dice (one white and one black) form an action. Every roll you must pick exactly two dice to take out (any colour). In the end you combine the six dice any way you want, no matter in which order you chose to take them out of your rolls beforehand. You can use only two actions on your turn. On your development sheet you enter the actions chosen for this turn and ...

9) Cosmic Run: Rapid Fire
Cosmic Run: Rapid Fire
It is 2456 and the planet Earth has long been abandoned. The remaining humans in existence, divided into political factions, have been in search of a new home. Only two factions remain. As they race toward new hospitable worlds, they are not only battling each other, but a hostile alien race that is trying to sabotage their ships with space mines. Will your team make it to the planets to establish new colonies? Cosmic Run: Rapid Fire is a standalone, 1-2 player sequel to Cosmic Run. It's a quicker, yet more aggressive game because it includes direct attacks on your opponent. ...

10) Expedition Sumatra
Expedition Sumatra
Sumatra - Island of many rare species On behalf of the most famous zoological gardens of the Western World a few teams of big game hunters set out to the jungle of Sumatra to catch some nearly extinct species for the benefit of posterity. While also the black market lures with attractive prices, the inhabitants of the island have a say in the matter as well. Expedition Sumatra leads the players into the dense primeval forest of the Indonesian island. By cleverly flipping and rotating the path tiles they have to build new roads through the jungle, track down rare animals and ...

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