Top 15 Board Games to Start a Game Collection with the Game Boy Geek

Dan King's 15 board games to start a game collection with. These are the games The Game Boy Geek thinks are the best ones to introduce new players from different genres in the board game industry. They are great for newbies.They are easy to learn & teach, but are a blast to play and would be a great start to anyone’s collection.

Last Updated: Thursday, October 22, 2020

1) Ticket to Ride
Ticket to Ride
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Build your railroad across North America to connect cities and complete tickets. ...

2) Codenames: Duet
Codenames: Duet
Swap one-word coded clues with your partner, trying to identify specific word cards. ...

3) The Mind
The Mind
Play your cards in ascending order without communicating. Timing is key! ...

4) Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
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Interpret forensic evidence to solve a murder. Beware, the murderer may be among you! ...

5) Just One
Just One
Give one-word clues so someone can guess one word, but duplicate clues are discarded. ...

6) The Game of 49
The Game of 49
Brinkmanship bidding and savvy chip placement win this 4-in-a-row easy auction game. ...

7) Mandala
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Create and destroy mandalas in this beautifully tense abstract game for two. ...

8) Werewords Deluxe Edition
Werewords Deluxe Edition
20 questions with a twist: a time limit, and a sneaky werewolf who knows the answer. ...

9) Camel Up (Second Edition)
Camel Up (Second Edition)
Place your bets and bend the odds in this crazy camel-stacking race! ...

10) Wits & Wagers
Wits & Wagers
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Bet on who’s likely to guess the closest to the correct answer in this trivia game. ...

11) Forbidden Island
Forbidden Island
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The island is sinking! Will the brave adventurers save the treasures in time? ...

12) Stop Thief!
Stop Thief!
A thief on the loose! But you can't see them; you can only HEAR them! ...

13) Las Vegas Royale
Las Vegas Royale
Las Vegas gets a make over, adding some new incentives to the classic dice game. ...

14) Okiya
Occupy the Imperial Garden with Royal Family members to gain the Emperors favor. ...

15) Qwixx
Use everyone's dice rolls to mark off numbers—but you can't go back once you pass. ...

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