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1) Bolide
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Bolide presents itself as a revolutionary car racing game since no cards or dice move the cars. Each driver can take total control of his own car by applying a move mechanism based on a second pawn, able to reproduce the real accelerations, decelerations and inertial movements of the cars during the races. To learn such a mechanism means to learn driving a racing car and to experience a very high simulation level: the drivers can work out the best routes along the squares of the track and push their car at the speed they want, racing opponents and making breathtaking over-takings ...

2) Bunco Party
Bunco Party
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Includes rules for One Table Bunco (2-4 players), Party Bunco (exactly 12 players) and any number in between (5-11 players). Object of the game is to win the most rounds (out of six rounds). You win a round by being the first person (or team) at your table to score 21 points. You score one point each time you roll the target number (target is 1 for round 1, 5 for round 5, etc). You can immediately win a round and gain control of the giant Fuzzy Bunco Die by being lucky enough to roll a True Bunco ...

3) Scrabble Up
Scrabble Up
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Bears little resemblance to the classic word game it's named for. Each player starts with six letter tiles; the first to accumulate 19 or more is the winner. Each player tries to form the longest possible word from the OTHER player's tiles, starting with the last tile drawn. The first to find a word starts a marble rolling down a zigzag groove, and the other player must give a word before the marble reaches the bottom. Then each player takes the tiles of the word they formed from the other player, each draws a new starting ...

4) Carnival
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Think Ferris wheels, roller-coasters, carousels, flying swings, and bumper cars! Open your Carnival for business before the other carnies do by building four of the five available rides along your Midway. Then cue the Carnival music and watch the crowd rush in! Carnival is a card game of set collection for 2-4 players, ages 12+, that utilizes dice to determine actions. Each turn, a player rolls three dice and chooses two of them to perform actions which can allow them to gain and discard cards from their hand and/or Midway. Each player also has three tickets that may be discarded to ...

5) Thingamajig
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Players take turns giving clues to words given to them by the electronic Thingamajig. You score a point for every player who correctly guesses your word. But if everyone gets it, you score nothing. From back of box: Looking for a Hilarious Party Game That everyone can Play? Then whip out your Thingamajig! Press the Thingamajig's button and it reveals your secret Thingamaword... Everyone wants to know what it is... AND you've got to clue them in... except you really don't want EVERYONE to know... It's a fresh, fast moving game where you gotta BLUFF a little, STRETCH the truth a tad, make ...

6) Fictionaire
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[Fic•tion•aire: Person who tricks opponents into choosing the wrong word definition in the dictionary game.] You may know it as dictionary, fictionary, Balderdash... or even "Call my Bluff", the classic British TV game show; but it could just as easily be called "the making up lies to fool your friends" game! Fictionaire is a new quiz card game from Days of Wonder that gives a fresh twist to this classic genre. In Fictionaire, players make up a bogus definition or fake answer for a word or question asked by the game’s host, trying to trick him or her into believing that their answer is correct. ...

7) City of Horror
City of Horror
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Zombies are everywhere! Negotiation, voting, and carnage ensue. Will you make it? ...

8) Midgard
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In this area-control boardgame with a mythic Scandinavian theme, players draft cards to place their viking warriors and leaders in the different realms found in Norse mythology. Beware! Some regions will suffer Ragnarok, sending your pieces to Valhalla. ...

9) Yahtzee: Texas Hold'em
Yahtzee: Texas Hold'em
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Description from the box For high-rolling, high-stakes fun, you can't beat the winning combination of Yahtzee and Texas Hold'Em poker! The trick is to make the best 5-dice "hand" from your two personal pocket dice and 5 up-for-grabs dice. Each roll could shift your strategy: will two pair become three of a kind or a full house? Will you go for broke with an all-in-bet? At showdown time, the player with the best poker hand wins the chips. The ultimate hand is a Yahtzee flush: 5-of-a-kind in the same color "suit"! Gameplay Each player blind draws two dice from the bag and places them ...

10) Pass the Bomb
Pass the Bomb
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This frantic game is a wonderful exercise in word-summoning. In it, players try to come up with a word that contains a certain sequence of letters before the ticking time-bomb in their hands explodes. The bomb is an electronic timer with a variable time allotment, and a player is only allowed to pass the bomb to the next person when he comes up with a word that contains the needed letters. While creative spelling of the words in question can be frowned upon, it's up to the guy next to you to determine your fate. Awards 1996 Årets Familiespil, ...

11) PDQ: The Pretty Darn Quick Word Game
PDQ: The Pretty Darn Quick Word Game
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Quick! Try to make a word out of the letters SMP. Sound SiMPle? How about PTR? Get the PicTuRe? In the lightning fast party game PDW, it's an all-out race to be the first player to shout out a word using all three letter cards in play. Each round starts with a different set of letters, and it's up to you to fill in the blanks. Whoever has the most cards at the end of the game is the WNR! ...

12) Words with Friends
Words with Friends
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The hot social word game just got more social! For the first time ever, you can play WORDS WITH FRIENDS in person with your favorite wordies. Use the tiles to build words on the gameboard and rack up the points while you challenge your friends in person. Game includes a code to redeem the WORDS WITH FRIENDS ULTIMATE PLAY PACK to enhance your online play Re-implements: Scrabble ...

13) Deluxe Dirty Minds
Deluxe Dirty Minds
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From the Publisher's Website: 15th Anniversary Deluxe Edition. An all new deluxe and expanded collection of dirty clues and clean answers, along with other completely new categories played on a game board. This 15th Anniversary Edition from TDC Games is also variously called: "Deluxe Edition," "Master Edition," "Deluxe Master Edition," and "New & Expanded 15th Anniversary Edition" in advertising and reference materials produced by TDC Games. This edition is not to be confused with "Dirty Minds Ultimate Edition," which features a set of cards similar to those in all of the "regular" Dirty Minds games, but which also come with three all-new sets of ...

14) American Mah Jongg
American Mah Jongg
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Of the many mah jongg (mah jong) variants extant today, American mah jongg is unique. The single most popular variant in North America, it's also the least well documented. Prior to the publication of this book (A Beginner's Guide to American Mah Jongg, Elaine Sanberg, 2010), you could not find anything about the American game in bookstores. Instead what you would have found is descriptions of various modern regional variants, the classic Chinese rules (still played today in Europe), or the rules played in Australia or the United Kingdom. Modern American rules, and especially strategy tips, were simply nowhere ...

15) Fact or Crap
Fact or Crap
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Basic trivia game where players try to figure out if a statement is a Fact, or just a load of Crap. The players take turns being the Reader in a clockwise direction. After the Reader has read the first question, the other players have to decide as fast as they can whether the answer is Fact or Crap. The players indicate their answer by putting face down either their Fact Answer card or Crap Answer card. The Reader then determines which player was the first to put their Answer card down. Once all of the Answer cards are down, ...

16) Ravenous River
Ravenous River
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Make your way across the river in a boat with other animals. It's eat or get eaten! ...

17) Gone Fishing!
Gone Fishing!
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Who is the best angler? One player takes the role of the two anglers and tries to catch as many fish as possible. The other player takes the role of the fish and with bluff and skill tries to hinder the anglers from catching fish. The angler player decides where to fish, but must do so in the dark (that is, he cannot really see where the fish are), as the fish cards are placed face down. Because of this, he does not know whether he is catching a fish or garbage. Also, when he is lucky enough to catch a ...

18) Tribond
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Players are given a list of three items and must determine the common bond. Landing on another pawn brings up a challenge situation, where the winner stays put and the loser moves back. The first team to bring their three pawns around the triangles wins. ...

19) Empires of the Void
Empires of the Void
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The galaxy is at war. The Pyrious Empire is struggling to mantain power, and a few young alien races see this as a golden opportunity to expand their horizons. But who will join them in the imminent struggle to become the next galactic superpower? In Empires of the Void, two to four players compete to expand their empire in a vast, diverse galaxy. Each time a player reaches a new planet, he must decide whether to conquer it and strip the land of its resources, or befriend the natives and obtain their special ability. With 7 starting ...

20) Punto
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In Punto, you're trying to create a line of four or five of your cards, but you can't always place them where you want. The game includes four decks of 18 cards each, with each deck having cards with 1-9 dots on it twice. You shuffle your cards to form a face-down deck. On a turn, place your top card somewhere in a 6x6 grid that players create during play. You can place in an empty space adjacent to cards already played, or you can place your card on top of another card as long as your card has more dots ...

21) Aton
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Get control of great temples in Egypt to win favour of the gods. ...

22) Space Maze
Space Maze
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Space Maze is a eurogame with an alien theme. In the game, each player represents an alien species. The goal is to steal an ancient relic from a massive structure floating in space. The players compete against each other, all trying to bring home the Relic. The game has a capture-the-flag system. The gameplay mechanics are based around a maze made up out of primary coloured doorways (red, blue and yellow), two doorways touching each other make a combination of colours that can (or not if the two colours are the same) form a secondary colour. The aliens you play with ...

23) Nemo's War
Nemo's War
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Jules Verne’s classic novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea tells the story of Captain Nemo and his astounding ship, the Nautilus. Set in year 1866, this amazing electric-powered submarine travels across the seas tacitly on missions of research and exploration, but it isn’t long before two captive crew members, rescued from the wreck of a Nautilus attack, Professor Aronnax and Canadian whaler Ned Land, suspect Captain Nemo’s motives are more complex and perhaps sinister. Can you command the Nautilus on its year-long cruise to destiny? Can you fend off giant squids, discover the South Pole, the Arabian Tunnel or the lost ...

24) Meridian
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After years of negotiations, Queen Wu Wei has at last decided to let some of the powerful European commercial companies establish garrisoned trading posts in the rich cities of the Southern Archipelago, but only on condition that they submit to certain curious rules she has devised. In the game the players personify these companies and compete with each other in setting up garrisons (marked by towers of various heights) in the most desirable locations of the archipelago, while at the same time observing the wily Queen’s rules. Your aim is to take over islands by establishing more garrison in their ...

25) Electronic Catch Phrase
Electronic Catch Phrase
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This is a fully electronic re-implementation of the classic team word-guessing hot-potato game Catch Phrase!. Players divide into two teams. One team selects the category and presses the start button. An audible timer beeps a count-down while the person holding the device tries to get his team to say the word or phrase on the screen. When he or she is successful, he or she hands the device to the next person on the opposite team. The goal of the round is to not be holding the device when the timer goes off -- though those last furtive seconds can ...

26) Rex: Final Days of an Empire
Rex: Final Days of an Empire
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In the final days of the Empire, players struggle for control of Mecatol City. ...

27) Pie Face
Pie Face
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The game revolves around the gag of getting a pie in the face. There is a mechanical device with an arm that holds a sponge that you cover with shaving cream to simulate the pie. On your turn you place your face in the target area of the device, spin the spinner and twist the handle that number of times. Much like a slot machine you never can be sure when the payoff will come. You then score points for the number you spun if you don’t get the pie in the face. ...

28) Ligretto
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In Ligretto, each player has his own deck of forty cards, with cards 1-10 in four colors and a unique symbol on the back to identify which cards are his. At the start of each round, each player lays out 3-5 cards (depending on the number of players) face up in front of him to create his row; places a face-up stack of ten cards, seeing only the top card, next to his row to create his Ligretto stack; and holds the remaining cards in hand face down. Playing at the same time, each player tries to empty his Ligretto stack. ...

29) Loaded Questions
Loaded Questions
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"If you were invisible, where would you go?" "If you could be a member of any TV-sitcom family, what would you choose?" Rated one of the hottest new board games by USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, The San Francisco Chronicle and Games Magazine, Loaded Questions is the hilarious new board game that tests players on how well they know each other with over 500 fun personality-filled questions. ...

30) CrossWays
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In CrossWays players want to be the first to build a path of their pieces from one side of the game board to the opposite side, but to build they need to use the cards they draw and have in hand. On a turn, a player can lay down a single card (e.g., a red 9) and place one of their pieces on this space on the game board; she can also lay down a pair of cards with the same value and place two of her pieces in a stack on any space, including the white ones that are otherwise ...

31) Squint
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Using any combination of the 72 cards with various shapes on them (such as a cross, various sized circles, wavy lines, etc...), players take turns trying to convey one of the words on a "squint" card. The words have varying degrees of difficulty, from one to three points. Any of the non-building players can guess what the word is. If a player guesses the word before the timer runs out, both the "builder" and guesser receive points. ...

32) Rollers
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From the back of the box: Get Ready to Roll! Grab your friends & family for an exciting press-your-luck dice game. Race to 'open' and 'close' numbers to complete your game board. Once you close a number your opponents have to pay up! Wild Stars will help you make your sets, but beware the dreaded Zap that cancels your roll. Will lady luck be on your side? The first player to score 5 points wins! ...

33) Castelli
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In Italy during the Middle Ages, it is of paramount importance to build castles at attractive locations – but unfortunately other landlords are also trying to gain power in the country. In the strategy game Castelli, the players gradually develop their influence and try to collect as many raw materials as possible. The game board is a grid which alternately shows production areas and spaces for tiles; these tiles show a player color and number, e.g., red 4 or blue 2. A production area grants its building materials or silver to the player with the highest combined value on the adjacent ...

34) Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords – Base Set
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords – Base Set
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Level up your party in this card-and-dice fantasy campaign set in the land of Varisa. ...

35) Last Word
Last Word
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Last Word is the uproarious race to have the final say! This party game has sold over 1,000,000 copies and is perfect for everyone ages 14 and up. Each round, blurt out answers while racing a timer and the other players. For example, Subject: “Animals”, Letter: “L”. Players yell out… Lion! Lemur! Leech! Leopard! The player with the Last Word before the timer sounds advances toward Finish. Beware – the timer is cleverly programmed to go off at random intervals. Contents include Game Boards, 230 Subject and 56 Letter cards, 8 Pawns, an ...

36) Dead Man's Chest
Dead Man's Chest
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Dead Man's Chest is a dice game of bidding and bluffing for three to eight pirates. The game includes rules, a treasure chest dice shaker, two special dice and 24 gems. The game is driven by a bid and challenge system. Players roll the dice in the chest and present the closed chest to the next player with a challenge based on their value. Will they call your bluff or choose to roll and raise the bid to the next player. But beware the challenge of DEAD MAN, as there is no higher bid! ...

37) Showdown Yahtzee
Showdown Yahtzee
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Yahtzee meets a board game. Players move pawns around a board with 12 open spaces and 4 'wild' spaces. If you land on an open space, you can try to complete one of the 12 standard Yahtzee combinations (not counting the 'Yahtzee' -- more on that later). If successful, you place the card for that combination on the space and a certain number of your chips to signify ownership. If another player lands on that space later, they have to match or beat your roll to steal ownership of the board space. Once a combination ...

38) Battle of the Sexes
Battle of the Sexes
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Players divide into two teams: men vs. women. The goal is to move your team's pawns across the game board. Along the way teams will have to answer questions about the opposite sex in order to move. For example, "How many lugs are on the typical wheel?" or "Where is the Superdome located?" are questions that would be given to the female team. "How do you stop a run in stockings?" or "What type of nut is used to make marzipan?" would be given to the males. The first team to move all four of ...

39) Cowtown
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In the card game Cowtown, you want to move cows into the right herds so that you can score points and empty your hand. At the start of each round, each player receives a hand of six cards, then four more cards are placed face-up on the table; the deck includes cards in four colors, numbered 1-10 twice, along with two "Cowtown" cards of each color. Cowtown cards are always played on the table immediately in order to give the little dogies a place to settle. On a turn, you play a card from your hand onto a stack on the table. ...

40) Monuments: Wonders of Antiquity
Monuments: Wonders of Antiquity
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A game of building monuments and historical sources, reporting on these monuments. In order to win the game, you not only have to build the monuments, you have to make sure that history will know them - and your fellow gamers will co-decide about it! And there are copyists, who will dispute the glory you've earned for your monuments... The game shows monument cards with 12 types of ancient monuments like the Pyramids or the Colosseum (9 per type). The game is played in turns and usually you take a "monument turn," consisting of 3 actions allowing you to collect cards, to ...

41) Spy Alley
Spy Alley
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Each player assumes a secret identity (nationality) at the start of the game. The object is for each player to collect all the necessary items of their nationality and land on the winners square. (players need to get a codebook, disguise, key, and password) However, if an opponent guesses your identity before you win, you are out. If they incorrectly guess, then THEY are out. Players bluff by purchasing items of nationalities that they do NOT need to win. ...

42) Il Principe
Il Principe
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An auction game where income and resources are automatically gained at the beginning of each turn. Then the money is used to bid on more resources, then the resources can either be used (along with money) to build cities, or "displayed" to qualifying for "roles" (like political appointments) which gain influence/VP-graft plus a special power such as income boost, resource boost, VP-boost, or resource re-display. Building a city gains the player VP but also gives VP to the opponent(s) with matching role/graft color. The board does triple duty, containing the scoring track, a map of some part of Italy, and staging ...

43) Urbanization
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Game description from the publisher: In Urbanization, the players follow the development of a rural area, from the beginning of the industrial revolution to modern times. They guide their villages through hard times and try to attract citizens by building houses. Later, factories are erected and the villages grow into prospering cities. The player who develops his city most efficiently will be victorious in the end. Game play in Urbanization includes no random elements, and the game comes packaged with an expansion, "the inventions". ...

44) Railways Express
Railways Express
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Game description from the publisher: In the dice-rolling race game Railways Express, 2-4 players travel around the USA and through parts of southern Canada and northern Mexico, building track as in the related Railways of the World game series from their individual starting city across plains, waterways and mountains based upon what they roll on the two terrain dice and two track dice. By linking cities with track, you are awarded re-roll cubes (and possibly cards), which gives strategic options for the routes available to you as you try to connect more cities. If you're the first player to link all four ...

45) The Duke
The Duke
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Draw, place, move and flip tiles to capture the enemy Duke. ...

46) North Wind
North Wind
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Game description from the publisher: In the adventure game North Wind, cities are suffering heavily under constant raids from pirates. As freelance trade captains, the players bring food and other goods to the cities, in addition to fighting the pirates whenever they encounter them. Fighting without cannons leads to poor results, however, and cannons are expensive. With each success, though, a player can better equip his three-dimensional ship and strengthen his crew. In the end, the player who finds the best mix of trading and fighting will prove to be the victorious captain. ...

47) Black Fleet
Black Fleet
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Lead a fleet of ships, collect doubloons, pay the ransom for the governor's daughter. ...

48) Hacker: Deluxe Edition
Hacker: Deluxe Edition
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This is the computer crime card game inspired by the 1990 Secret Service raid on Steve Jackson Games. Play is similar to Illuminati except players play cards as part of the ever-expanding "Net" in the center of the table instead of having individual card stacks. Players use in-dials to break into systems and gain root access. Upgrade your hacking tools, deal with other hackers for access, phreak others onto your system, etc. is all part of the game. Avoid ICE and law enforcement raids to gain the greatest number of root access sites and win the game. The Deluxe edition comes ...

49) Eminent Domain: Battlecruisers
Eminent Domain: Battlecruisers
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Giant warships locked in battle... Captain a mighty battlecruiser in the middle of a firefight as you try to gather 15 units of precious ore and get out — or die trying. In Eminent Domain: Battlecruisers, you want to be the first to escape with 15 victory points, or be the last ship standing. Each round you and your opponents each play a card from your identical hands. If you play the same card as an opponent, you'll clash and bad things will happen! But if you manage to sneak a card through unhindered, then you'll reap the benefits. Collect points or knock ...

50) Balance of Power
Balance of Power
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Game description from the publisher: It is 1815 and the world has been turned upside down. Napoleon Bonaparte has finally been defeated after nearly conquering all of Europe through years of devastating warfare. Now the Great Powers must deal with the chaos left behind. As each nation eagerly tries to grow, a careful balance of governmental, military and economic interests must be maintained. In Balance of Power, players carefully create and move Kings, Generals and Bankers as they capture territories and expand their empires. A player’s skill and strategy are all that stand between him and ultimate victory! ...

51) Dawn of the Zeds (First edition)
Dawn of the Zeds (First edition)
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THE BATTLE FOR FARMINGDALE States of SiegeTM #9 Voted #1 on The Gaming Gang's Top 10 Games of 2011! Like a deathly hand from the grave comes Dawn of the Zeds, a States of Siege solitaire game of horror and survival from designer Hermann Luttmann . The world has gone crazy – a deadly virus has turned ordinary people into vicious, zombie-like killers. The undead, nicknamed "Zeds," are now converging on your corner of the world. You have been left to your own devices to stop them while the National Guard organizes a relief column and fights its way to you – but that ...

52) Lionheart
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Lionheart is a simple wargame that is like chess but with dice rolls that determine the success or failure of a capture move. There are seven different units: King, Knight, Archer, Heavy Infantry, Infantry, Mercenary, and Peasant. Each turn players can perform any 2 actions: move, turn, or attack. Foot units move one square forward per action. Mounted units move as many unblocked squares in front of them as they like. Units attack the square they are facing (archers attack an area of squares in front of them). Attacks are resolved by rolling the ...

53) Viticulture: Complete Collector's Edition
Viticulture: Complete Collector's Edition
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The Complete Collector's Edition of Viticulture quite simply is a box with distinctive art, with two [filled] compartments in it: One for the Viticulture (2nd printing) complete box, and the other for the Tuscany complete box. Thus, the Complete Collector's Edition. ...

54) Oceania
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From Teuber's official website: "On your turn place an explorer ship on a circle field on one of the three sides of the game board and draw a sea tile. Place the tile if it fits, i.e. when water borders water and land borders land. Throughout game-play a fascinating seascape unfolds before your eyes. The size and arrangement of the islands on the board is different in each game!" From the back of the box: Experience the adventure of exploring unknown islands! Each game presents new and unique challenges, for the board is different every time you play. In the 2-player variant, you ...

55) Guildhall
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Ignite abilities of historians, dancers, assassins to fill chapters in your guildhall ...

56) Cranium Turbo Edition
Cranium Turbo Edition
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From the Manufacturer: It takes more than 300 muscles to laugh, as few as five to smile and only one outrageously fun game to shine. Cranium Turbo Edition, certain to become the new party staple, cranks up the fun of the original smash-hit Cranium with more of everything - more laughter, more activities, and more moments to shine. Adding to the already popular activities of the original game, players will now find themselves making puppets of their friends, reading each others minds, noodling over uncommon facts, gazing at close-up images, and figuring out which items are not like the others, while ...

57) Owner's Choice
Owner's Choice
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Owner's Choice is an economic game in which the players must look to manipulate the stocks of four companies by trying to buy low and sell high. The players that own the most stock in a company assume the role of the President, with other players assuming the role of investors. Owners have greater control over the fortunes of their companies' stock and they can make great profits but can also lose big as well. Importantly the Owner of a company can sell it for the market price at game end, whereas Investors can only make money by earning dividends, which ...

58) City Hall
City Hall
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City Hall sees players competing to become Mayor of New York City. They do this by attempting to be the most successful at both bringing people into the city as well as campaigning for the citizens' approval. Whoever best balances these two goals will win the election. There are seven offices within City Hall. These offices deal with a different aspect of building the city or campaigning, such as the Tax Assessor, Surveyor, or Zoning Board. In a round, each player will get to activate one of these offices. However, just because you activate an office doesn't mean you will get ...

59) Monopoly: Here and Now
Monopoly: Here and Now
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To celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the London edition of Monopoly, Hasbro released a new edition with the same gameplay, but with street names, player pieces and even the money values more recognizable to a modern audience. Every value in the game has been multiplied by 10,000, so Canary Wharf (replacing Park Lane) costs £3.5 million. Stations have been replaced by airports, and houses by apartments. Player pieces include a mobile phone and a plane. ...

60) SmileyFace
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SmileyFace is a card game of face-to-face family fun for four to eight players. Over the seven short rounds of the game, each player tries to collect the highest total face value of cards of a single type. Each round brings new surprises as the values of cards change and the wacky Mischief cards come into play. Only the player with the highest score for a round (and perhaps the player who lent him a helping hand) will win points! "A King's Life": Intriguingly the designer reports that originally the game had a very different theme, being called "A King's Life" and ...

61) Backyard Builders Treehouse
Backyard Builders Treehouse
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Draft from a shared hand to build the best treehouse in this ultra quick family game. ...

62) CrossTalk
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CrossTalk is the party game of subtle conversation in which two teams race to guess secret keywords. Each round, teams select a clue-giver, and those clue-givers are given knowledge of the same secret keyword. The goal of the clue-givers is to help their teammates guess this keyword before the other team. The round begins with both clue-givers writing a one-word clue to give their team in private. Then, clue-givers will alternate providing one-word public clues to everyone — but there is a catch! After your team gives a public clue, the other team — and only the other team — may ...

63) Tapestry
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Lead a unique civilization to greatness through cultural and technological advances. ...

64) Concept
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Select icons to help your team guess a secret word or phrase. ...

65) Dotzee
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From the catalog: Dotzee is a swiftly changing game of pattern recognition which blends luck and strategy into a fun and engaging multiplayer game. Easy and quick to learn, players roll dice and strategically slide them into scoring combinations in order to win. These familiar combinations include four of a kind, two pair, small straight and flush (all of the same color). Each combination created during a turn earns one point. The first player to earn ten points wins the game. ...

66) Sequence
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Sequence is a board and card game. The board shows all the cards (except for the Jacks) of two (2) standard 52-card decks, laid in a 10 x 10 pattern. The four corners are free spaces and count for all players equally. The players compete to create rows, columns or diagonals of 5 connected checkers placed on the cards that the player has laid down. Two-eyed Jacks are wild, while one-eyed Jacks allow an opponent's checker to be removed. The game ends when someone has reached a specified number of connections. ...

67) 5 Second Rule
5 Second Rule
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Publisher Description: It should be easy to name 3 breeds of dogs - but can you do it under the pressure of 5 seconds twisting down, and with the other players staring at you, waiting for you to get flustered? Time's not on your side, so just say what comes to mind and risk ridiculous answers slipping out as time twirls down on the unique twisted timer! It's all in good fun with this fast-paced game where you have to "Just Spit It Out!" ...

68) Fzzzt!
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Fzzzt! "A futuristic robot auction game with some dodgy mechanics". It's a new-fangled modern age, a brave new world, of extraordinary, strange and crazy robots; designed and built in a crackpot factory by the Master Central Processing Unit version D (or McPUD, for short). McPUD has recently been suffering from a number of software bugs which affects the speed of robot production, the types of robots produced (each has one or more symbols) and, occasionally, their life-expectancy. You are a mechanic, competing to buy robots as they become available on the factory's conveyor belt. Each game consists of five auction rounds; during ...

69) Necromancer
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Necromancer is a fantasy game for two players. Each player becomes a Necromancer - a powerful wizard controlling the forces of the undead. As their skeletons and zombies battle, the Necromancers use their powers to take control of enemy units! The goal: to find the mystic Jewels of Power - and destroy the enemy Necromancer. A unique combat system varies the power of a player's troops according to the number of units he controls; the more undead you control, the weaker each unit is. All counters are back-printed, since any unit may change sides. (from the back of the box) Originally published in ...

70) Crude: The Oil Game
Crude: The Oil Game
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In Crude: The Oil Game, players take on the role of oil company CEOs, seeking to expand their companies into multi-national energy mega-corporations. Just as with real world energy companies, player will setup facilities for oil drilling, oil pumping, oil refining into gasoline, and gasoline selling to the consumer... all of which are represented by actual plastic pieces placed on the board! Players also speculate by buying and selling oil and gasoline barrels in both the domestic and foreign markets... again represented by actual plastic barrels in their playing area! However, the changing economic climate, as well as sudden ...

71) Big Top
Big Top
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Big Top, inspired by the classic card game Fan Tan, is a quick and easy-to-learn card game in which players take the role of aspiring circus owners. The winner of the game will be the player who invests in the most popular circus acts and earns the most money by helping his fellow players when they call for certain circus acts to be played. Beautifully illustrated by Alessandra Cimatoribus (Torres, San Marco), Big Top cards feature bits of fact about the charming world of the circus. Flavor text tells the story of the origin and growth of the ...

72) O'NO 99
O'NO 99
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Another in the line of Uno styled and themed games. The object of O'NO 99 is to avoid totaling 99 points or more, which would cause you to lose that round of play. If a player loses four rounds, they are out of the game. The deck consists of 54 cards; three each of 2s through 9s, four Holds, six Reverses, ten 10s, four -10s, two Double Plays, and four O'NO 99s (which count only as hand-fillers); there are also 24 tokens that are used to keep track of losses - a player surrenders a token when they lose a round. Each ...

73) Scripts and Scribes: The Dice Game
Scripts and Scribes: The Dice Game
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As a medieval monk, you are charged with increasing the prestige of the abbey's collection of historical and sacred texts. By acquiring the resources for manuscript illustration and reproduction, your abbey produces and sells its valuable works, thereby bringing in finances necessary for maintaining a fine abbey. Will you succeed in making your abbey the most prestigious of all? The goal of Scripts and Scribes: The Dice Game is to acquire gold and to collect resources – scrolls, manuscripts, pigments, quills, ink – to exchange for gold. The game is a dice version of Scripts and Scribes (aka, Biblios) and follows ...

74) Sail to India
Sail to India
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Sail, trade or employ your versatile cubes in Age-of-Discovery-ish micro strategy. ...

75) Elasund: The First City
Elasund: The First City
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Build & fortify city together. Make sure that pirates will plunder others, not you. ...

76) Specter Ops
Specter Ops
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Hide or hunt in this tactical game of cat and mouse! ...

77) Star Wars: Imperial Assault
Star Wars: Imperial Assault
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Play as Rebel or Imperial forces to fulfill mission objectives. ...

78) Shokoba
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Inspired by the traditional Italian game of Scopa, Shokoba is a card game in which two to four players play cards from their hands to collect jewel cards from the table. (With four players, Shokoba is typically played in teams.) The forty-card deck consists of 27 sapphires, 9 rubies, 3 emeralds and 1 diamond. At the start of a round, each player receives three cards in hand, and four cards are placed face-up on the table. On a turn, a player must play one card. If the value of this card equals a card on the table or is the sum ...

79) The Game of CHIPS
The Game of CHIPS
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The Game of Chips is a simple dice game from the makers of the Sequence. Components include a cloth bag for storage, poker chips numbered 1-10, a pair of dice, an instruction card, and one pad of preprinted score sheets. Play consists of three rounds of dice rolling and in which the ten numbered chips are placed in front of a player. The player then rolls the dice and removes any chip or combination if chips from play that equal the total on the dice. Repeat until no further chips can be removed. That player ...

80) Krosmaster: Quest
Krosmaster: Quest
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Unlike the head-to-head battles of Krosmaster: Arena, Krosmaster: Quest can be played "cooperatively" (with one player as the "demon" and the rest of the players working together), or as a competition as players look for treasures on tiled boards. The box includes seven new Krosmaster figures with character cards (two exclusive), more than 600 pieces, 16 terrain parts (which can be used in Arena), more than 40 settings, and 6 special dice. ...

81) Fury of Dracula (Third/Fourth Edition)
Fury of Dracula (Third/Fourth Edition)
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Dracula is attacking! Or is it a trick while he hides? Track him down to find out. ...

82) Mona Lisa Mysteries
Mona Lisa Mysteries
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(from the web site) Do You Have Da Vinci's Masterpiece? Based on the real events from 1911 when the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre. Players act as wealthy art collectors who bid on the services of art "experts" to rate their copy of the Mona Lisa. Through careful strategy and market manipulation, the player with the highest valued Mona Lisa at the end of the game has the "real" Mona Lisa and wins the game. Ages: Teen to adult Players: 3 to 5 Contents: 5 Mona Lisa player painting boards, 44 expert cards, 56 bid cards, 60 gems, gem bag, value ...

83) Pokémon Master Trainer
Pokémon Master Trainer
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Based on the Nintendo Pokemon franchise, each player becomes a Pokemon Trainer (represented by Ash Ketchum figures) making his way around the pre-made board map to get to Indigo Plateau where he can challenge the current, reigning Pokemon Champion (represented by cards) to a battle with the Pokemon he's collected on the trip there. Item Cards give you or your creatures special powers and players can battle each other as well. ...

84) Milestones
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Game description from the publisher: The settlement of the country is the work of the players in their role as noble builders in Milestones! In this game, players work together to build roads, create marketplaces, and erect houses. With each milestone set along the way, they move further into the country. But while they build together, when it comes to procuring construction materials, money, and grain each player is on their own. Thus, you must carefully develop your own network of goods, trade and colonization materials and optimize its use cleverly. Whoever also develops a keen sense of timing can grab the most ...

85) Turbo Taxi
Turbo Taxi
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Flickwerk is a neat little competitive puzzle game, similar in feel to Ricochet Robot. With multiple sets, even more players can participate in the same game. Each player has an identical set of 12 tiles displaying part of a network of computer cables. A further set is shuffled and placed face down in the centre of a 3x3 grid, representing the nine rooms through which the cabling will flow. Four markers are placed around the edge of the grid and these represent the only points at which the cabling can leave the grid. The top card of the centre pile is ...

86) Castle Merchants
Castle Merchants
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Castle Merchants is a tile laying, hand management, pick up & deliver game. You play the role of a merchant peddling his wares to various castles in the land. Since all the merchants are offering the same wares for sale, the merchant who is able to reach a castle first can receive a higher price than those visiting in later turns. You must manage your hand of path cards that you use to place paths onto the board, or to traverse the paths themselves. You may play any number of cards on your turn, but must be careful as you can ...

87) Hilarium
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Hilarium is a party game where players draw cards with all kinds of wild actions on them. Then everyone acts, yells or just sings out what's on their cards--all at once! Every card has an exact match, so try to find the player who is acting out what's on your card. Find that match and you score! But don't get stuck with the Gotcha Card...that one will cost you. ...

88) Round House
Round House
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The round houses (a.k.a., Fujian Tulou) are unique rural dwellings that can be found in the mountain areas in southeastern Fujian, China, dating back to the Ming dynasty (17th century). A round house is a large, multi-floor, enclosed, and fortified earth building housing usually a whole clan, which functions as a village and is known as "a little kingdom for the family". In the game Round House, players are the head of a family who tries to lead their members to glory. Players take turns moving their pawns around the circular building in one direction, performing different actions to get goods, ...

89) Dragon Boats of the Four Seas
Dragon Boats of the Four Seas
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In Dragon Boats of the Four Seas, Zhong-Guo, the Middle Kingdom, is an island surrounded by the four Dragon Seas. After a long period of strife, Zhong-Guo has once again been unified and the noble houses rise from the ashes, hoping to cross the Dragon Seas and reach the wealthy vassal states of the former Empire. In Zhong-Guo, Dragons are believed to be good luck and sources of celestial power, so the people make offerings to Dragons at temples and cast coins with the images of Dragons on them to bring fortune at the marketplace. Farmers invoke Dragons ...

90) Taboo
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Get your team to guess the target but you can't use the most obvious clues. ...

91) Kalah
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Mancala is a whole family of games. This entry is referencing only the popular game also known as Kalah, invented in the 1940 by William Champion Jr.. The game is played on a board of two rows, each consisting of six round pits. The rows have a large store at either end called kalah. A player owns the six pits closest to him and the kalah on his right side. Beginners may start with 3 seeds in each pit, but the game becomes more and more challenging by starting with 4, 5 or up to 6 seeds in each pit. Today, 4 ...

92) Scrabble Flash
Scrabble Flash
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Description from the publisher: The object of Scrabble Flash is to slide, swap and shuffle the five electronic tiles to create as many three-, four- or five-letter words as possible in sixty seconds. This fast-paced word-building game uses "SmartLink Technology," which allows the five electronic tiles included in the game to "talk" to each other. When the Scrabble Flash tiles are lined up to create a new word, the tiles will light up and beep. Scrabble Flash tiles also keep time and score. This groundbreaking technology allows players to compete individually against the game and try to earn the highest score ...

93) Airlines Europe
Airlines Europe
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Expand airlines across Europe to make your investments pay off. ...

94) Tsuro
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Play tiles and move around the board. Try to outlast your opponents. ...

95) World's Fair 1893
World's Fair 1893
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Be the leading exhibitor at the famous fair when the big wheel finally stops. ...

96) Thunderstone
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Adventurers gain power slaying foes. Can you defeat the guardian of the Thunderstone? ...

97) Pandemic
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Your team of experts must prevent the world from succumbing to a viral pandemic. ...

98) Hike
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In Hike, nature springs surprises and players battle for survival. Each player receives seven cards and plays one on his/her turn. When a player cannot play a card, he/she is eliminated from the hand. The player with the fewest cards leftover wins the hand, and a player can earn a bonus by playing all of his/her cards. ...

99) Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game
Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game
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How can the human race survive when you don't know who is actually human? ...

100) Going, Going, GONE!
Going, Going, GONE!
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Can you keep calm while bids are rising? Experience the exhilaration of real life auctions! In Going, Going, GONE!, players try to win items by bidding on five simultaneous auctions while the Auctioneer counts down from 10 to 1! Players bid on these five simultaneous auctions by physically dropping their wooden cubes (known as "Bucks") into any or all of the five transparent Auction Cups, each of which represents an auction for one or two Item Cards. At the end of the countdown, the Auctioneer says "GONE!" and quickly places the Auction Paddle over the five Auction Cups to close the ...