Beyond The Wall
Beyond The Wall (2019)


The plagued living and the restless dead clash as the wall crumbles in this unique board game from Twilight Creations. Victory is obtained by eliminating the opposing army but it's not a simple matter of superior numbers or strength of arms. The battlefield is divided by The Wall, an ancient un-scaleable barrier of rubble and bone. As play progresses, spans of the wall fracture and collapse opening the way for troops but also triggering boobytraps. The End is nigh! Will humanity endure and prevail or will the hordes of relentless shambling dead plow the defenders into the dirt? The Wall is an exciting, unique element to this game. Players will have the opportunity to physically remove portions of the wall during play, causing parts of the opponent's play field to become vulnerable, but also potentially hurting your troops. Reveal enough of your opponent's forces to crush them on your way to victory! Beyond The Wall offers a unique experience in tabletop gaming. The game can be tailored to fit your play style and mood. Beyond the Wall can be played at the basic level with no options or, for those seeking more complexity, additional elements can be added to enhance your experience. Elements include mines, wall traps, army construction, special ability cards and attack rolls. —description from the publisher

Dice Rolling
Player Elimination
2 - 4
Twilight Creations, Inc.
Kerry Breitenstein
30 - 60