Best Candy on the Block
Best Candy on the Block (2019)


Best Candy on the Block is a trick-taking card game with a Halloween trick-or-treating theme. Gameplay is similar to many traditional trick-taking games, but there are 10 treat suits and treat cards can have one, two, or three suits on them. Additionally there are prank cards, non-treat cards, and the king size card. At the start of each hand, each player gets to pick a treat suit to be their favorite which can award them bonus points at the end of the hand. One suit is also revealed to be trump. At the end of the hand, players look at all the cards they've taken and gain 1 bonus point for each card matching their favorite candy suit, unless they take too many tricks and get a belly ache, then they cannot score bonus points. Pranks are worth -1 points and change the leader of the next trick. Non-treat cards can be played off suit, and the king size bar is wild and the only rank 13 card in the deck. —description from the publisher

Card Game
1 - 5
Jon Barron
20 - 35