Blindsight (2019)


Blindsight is a party game in which you can only see and play the cards that are in your opponents' hands. The main objective is to get rid of your own cards. Blindsight is easy to learn as the basics are all about playing adjacent numbers and alternating the colours. You have to continue playing until there are no more cards to play, unless you can find a way to end your turn early. Which helps as you are trying to empty your own hand. When playing Blindsight in a group you will immediately notice there are always an extra pairs of eyes monitoring your every move, this give the game a cooperative feel. There are four types of special cards in the game; they all have their own unique and usually quite surprising effect on the game. Cards that might help you the first time; can turn against you the next time you play them. With the regular game play there are three additional variations to play. You can increase the difficulty by bringing the symbols found on the cards into play. Or you can play a last man standing variation in which you are trying to get rid of the opponents' cards instead of your own. Or combine both variations. —description from the designer

Hand Management
Card Game
Player Elimination
Party Game
Take That
Cooperative Game
2 - 6
10 - 25