Big Time Football
Big Time Football (2018)


P&P FILES NOW POSTED! It's third-and-five on your 30 yard-line and your opponent has the ball. He usually throws short in such situations, but he seems to like screen passes and hasn't thrown a long ball all game. He calls his play; now what will YOU do? Play a man-to-man defense, zone, blitz? Play realistic pro football on your tabletop in about an hour. BT Football is based on current NFL stats in aggregate -- no teams, so it's just you against your opponent, on equal terms. Nine offensive and six defensive plays are resolved on individual cards via five dice. The only charts are for special teams, interception returns, fumble returns and the like. The game is intuitive, highly portable, easy to play and the results are realistic. A specially-designed scoresheet is used to record each play and simultaneously keep track of game time. —description from the designer

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Andrew S. Fischer
60 - 90