Battlecraft: Paper Combat
Battlecraft: Paper Combat (2018)


Welcome to BattleCraft: Paper Combat, a game of skill and strategy set in a world at war. Build your followers and lead them in the battle to free Jurop.... or conquer it! THE BATTLE FOR JUROP All heck has broken loose across the planet as the second big war rages on. The Black X army, led by Durp Furror has embarked on a campaign called the Third Strike to conquer Jurop. Nothing seems to stop them as they send their forces into nearby villages to beat up old men and steal candy from babies. With their modern machines of mechanized mayhem they seek to enslave the entire globe under their malevolent rule. At first, other nations were content to stay out of the war, but with the Third Strike's reach growing ever closer, they find themselves thrust into the conflict. —description from the publisher Battlecraft: Paper Combat is the third edition of FlipIt Paper Combat. Most mechanisms have undergones some changes, and the coin fliping mechanic is completely gone, hence the name change. —user summary

Point to Point Movement
Dice Rolling
Variable Player Powers
Player Elimination
2 - 99
(Web published)
Jim Bowen