Black Stories: Das mörderische Drehbuch
Black Stories: Das mörderische Drehbuch (2018)


Who can reconstruct the raven-black scenes of the murderous script? Total chaos in the film studios! In a burglary, everything was devastated and important scripts were stolen. The players are scriptwriters and have the task to rewrite the scripts. It helps that some scenes that are already shot, as well as the director. The director draws a director's card and reads the script through. Only he knows the complete murderous script. He reads the screenplay and the introduction to his scriptwriters, puts on the first film scene and off you go! The scriptwriters have to guess with yes / no questions what happened here and what happens next - only then they get the next scene given by the director as a “reward”. If the scriptwriters have guessed all six scenes and the complete murderous script is shot, the next round starts and another player is allowed to play the director.

Card Game
Party Game
3 - 8
Gen-X Games
moses. Verlag GmbH
Nicola Berger
Georg Schumacher
2 - 222