Beasts: Edge of Extinction
Beasts: Edge of Extinction (2019)


Beasts: Edge of Extinction is a 2-6 player competitive card game where players take on the role of an ancient predatory Beast on the very Edge of Extinction. Each game, players face an onslaught of catastrophic events, opposing players, and even a perpetually persistent T-Rex hungrily in pursuit of his next! Each character has innate resistances or susceptibility to specific damage types - physical, heat or cold - and a unique special ability only usable once per game, so make it count! Players must choose how to use their action points to attack, obtain resources, increase resistance and attack power, or heal their Beast by feeding on scavenged food or helpless, but useful dodos. Incorporating a balance of strategy, luck, and player interaction with a unique order of events and blind resource draw, no 2 games are alike. Survival is critical. Eliminate your competition to be the last Beast standing on the Edge of Extinction! -description from publisher

Hand Management
Card Game
Card Drafting
Dice Rolling
Player Elimination
Action Points
Push Your Luck
2 - 6
Riftway Games
Derek Buczynski
15 - 60