Beard Ball
Beard Ball (2018)


The game of skill, style and sticky whiskers! There have always been countless reasons why having a beard is better than not having a beard - the beard gives you a strange power that will improve your life, your thoughts will look deeper and more developed with a beard, a beard can make a hipster’s nerdy shirt look cool. Now there’s one more for the list – Beards make the perfect backdrop for a fun party game! The game centers around completing stunts with three different fake beards. On a turn, two players (either as a team or two cooperating competitors) will try to complete one of the many stunts represented on the cards in the game. Each card provides details about the challenge, the number of attempts allowed, and how many points the stunt is worth. One player puts on a fake beard with a set of glasses, while the other grabs the plastic balls that are covered in Velcro. The team then follows the instructions given on the card, often trying to get the ball caught on the beard. If they succeed in the designated number of attempts, then both players (or the team) score the points! Play continues until one player (or team) reaches 11, and he/she/they are the winners! Contents include - 50 beard ball stunt cards, 5 beard balls, 3 stylish beards of varying difficulty levels, 1 pair of glasses, 1 Bearded die, 1 game board, and instructions

Action \/ Dexterity
Team-Based Game
2 - 4
Buffalo Games
Forrest-Pruzan Creative
Prospero Hall