Big Time Boxing
Big Time Boxing (2018)


Big Time Boxing simulates the sport of professional boxing like no other game before it. You’ll move your boxer inside and outside, throwing a variety of punches. You’ll try to get your opponent on the ropes or in a corner, where you can pound him with your best big hits. You might get cut, or warned by the referee for hitting below the belt. Worse, you could get knocked down or even out if you’re careless. You can win by KO, TKO, or decision if the fight “goes the distance” – and remember, the ringside judges are always watching. The game is diceless, card-based and fast-paced, and there are strategy and tactics aplenty. Should you play to win the round or go for the knockout? Move inside and throw that hook or play it safe and shoot out jabs for a while from the outside? Move away from your opponent and risk the judges’ disfavor? Clinch to regain some energy and risk committing a foul? You’ll find all this and more in Big Time Boxing – and only you can make the decisions which spell v-i-c-t-o-r-y! —description from the designer

Card Game
Print & Play
Andrew S. Fischer
30 - 60