Bingo Dice
Bingo Dice (2019)


In Bingo Dice, Yahtzee (Kniffel) meets Bingo. Roll combinations, unlock rerolls and mark your achievements with the Bingo marker. Other players may help you unlock your cool jokers. A family game for 2 - 6 players 8 years and up. In Bingo Dice you try to achieve certain combinations with five dice. Unlike other dice games, you earn rerolls for later turns when combinations are missed by one dice or gain a joker when predicting the failure of other players. Combinations are "Full House", "4 of a kind", "Straight" and "Bingo Dice" (5 of a kind). Rerolls are gained for "2 pair", "3 of a kind" and "small straight". In addition, you may doubt whether another player will achieve a combination in this round, thereby gaining a Joker. Instead of writing numbers on your score card, dab the results with a bingo marker, which is much more fun.   The winner is the first player to roll all combinations. To add variety to the game, cards with additional rules are can be flipped each round, e.g. all 1's are counted as 4's or roll 6 instead of 5 dice.   The game comes with - 50 different scorecards - 6 dice - dice bowl - 16 playing cards - 1 bag for the game contents (travel bag) - 1 small dice bag - 2 bingo markers -description from designer

Set Collection
Dice Rolling
Push Your Luck
Betting and Bluffing
2 - 6
Mobile Game Design
Torsten Dinkheller