Beasts of Balance: Battle Cards
Beasts of Balance: Battle Cards (2018)

3.3 / 5

Beasts of Balance is a game of strategy and balance in which you build a tower of animals on your tabletop, then help them evolve in a connected digital world. By scanning NFC tags on the physical elements, an integrated app builds your world on a screen. Two to three players each take on the role of a Divine Creator of a single region: Land, Sea or Sky. The aim of the game is to fill your region with powerful beasts, while stealing and smiting those of your opponents. Battles takes all the physical pieces from the core game and gives you an adrenaline-filled competitive way of playing with them. In Battles, skilful stacking is even more important, as disturbing the tower means Alberick, the spirit of the volcano, rains down fiery lava damage on your beasts (and your beasts only)! So build carefully, or see your lead evaporate with one ill-timed collapse... Primal Power enters your world though a deck of 16 unique NFC Battle Cards. Each player wields a hand of these cards, enabling them to invoke a whole host of weird and wonderful effects on the digital realm. Some are focused on attack, some will aid in defence, and some will manifest in much more random ways… Each Divine Creator chooses a digital avatar in the form of a Guardian. Guardians manifest your will in the form of lightning bolts, tidal waves and dirty great lumps of earth. They also have special, customisable powers that modify the game in interesting, strategic ways... There is also a Legendary Beast: MAGMAAARGH the Cantakerous, an extremely grumpy old dragon with a bit of a beer gut and a ridiculous name. MAGMAAARGH brings an additional layer of strategy to the game once summoned by his special card. He's worth *a lot* of points if you have him in your region, but in order to keep him you'll need to feed him Star Energy. Leave him hungry for too long though, or let him take too much damage, and that temper will flair up and things might just turn ugly. —description from the publisher

Party Game
Collectible Components
Take That
Expansion for Base-game
Action \/ Dexterity
Hexagon Grid
2 - 3
Sensible Object
George Buckenham
Alex Fleetwood
Tim Burrell-Saward