Bitter (2018)


Free game published in the March 2018 (GTM #217) issue of Game Trade Magazine. The game utilizes the Pairs game system and is designed with the Trolls Deck, though it can be played with any Pairs deck. Summary: You are Internet Trolls, struggling to justify your place in this modern world. You will write scathing reviews of entertainment properties, spreading vitriol while also refining your unique identity. In other words,score points with cards and win if you have the most. Equipment: A PAIRS deck and a way to keep score. Setup: Setup: Shuffle the deck and deal a hand of six cards to each player. Players will then draft a hand of five cards, because all good games start with a draft. The Draft: From your starting hand of six, choose one card to keep, and pass the rest to the player on your left. Keep your selected cards on the table in front of you. You will do this five more times, but rather than passing the last card, you discard it. Each player should now have a five-card hand. With this hand you will now play five rounds. Each Round: You will play cards trying to score points. The highest unique card wins each round. First, deal one card from the deck face-up into the center of the table. This card represents a new entertainment property that some group of misguided fools have poured their hard work and time into, but which is an insult to all true fans of the genre. Players will then “review” the property by playing a card from their hand. This play is simultaneous. The number on the card represents (roughly) the amount of spite and vitriol in your review. Next, the reviews are scored. First, discard any cards that match the center card or that match each other. These reviews are unoriginal and worthless. Next, look for the highest card among the reviews that remain. The highest number wins the round,but the lower numbers also score points. If your review was unique, whether it is the highest or not, you keep it aside for points. In addition, the player whose review was highest (not counting the discards) scores the card from the center. If all reviews were duplicated and were therefore discarded, the center card is also discarded. Winning: The highest total score wins the hand. If there is a tie, count it as a win for all tied players. The first player to win three hands wins the game!

Card Game
Take That
3 - 8
Cheapass Games
James Ernest