Best of Bourse
Best of Bourse (2018)


Best of Bourse is a deck of cards designed primarily for playing games in the live roleplaying world of Empire by Profound Decisions. The deck comes with rules for four different games which are quick to learn and play: Bourse & Build; Bribe the Bourseholders; Great Work! and "Cartel". Each of the games involve using imperial resources (known as White Granite, Mithril, Weirwood and Ilium) acquired from The Bourse to build magnificent wonders of the world known as Great Works. Bourse & Build is for 1-3 players and takes 5-10 minutes to play. In the game, players control four Bourseholders who compete with each other and two Masters of the Mint to collect imperial resources from the bourse in order to build great works. Whoever contributes the most resources to a great work is entitled to name it; whoever names the most great works wins the game. Bribe the Bourseholders is for 2-4 players and takes 10-20 minutes to play. The game is played over four seasonal summits during which players use imperial resources to try to bribe members of The Bourse who vary in their influence. Whoever controls the most influence at the end of the game dominates The Bourse and wins. Great Work! is for 2 players and takes 10-15 minutes to play. Players invest imperial resources to contribute to building four great works. The player whose investments pay off the most wins the game. Cartel is for 2-4 players and takes 10-15 minutes to play. In the game, players are Merchant Princes seeking to dominate The Bourse by controlling Bourseholders to create a Cartel with a monopoly in one of the Imperial Resources. Players roll dice to represent buying resources from The Bourse and use these resources to bribe Bourseholders. Whoever gains control of a Cartel wins the game. [Thing=209136] and [Thing=267444]

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