Blame Space
Blame Space (2018)


Blame Space is a fast-paced card game of luck, skill and sheer bloody-mindedness. In space! For 2 to 6 spaced-out players. Playing time approx. 45 – 90 minutes. The Story So Far... Our mission has failed, The captain has been murdered, Systems are sabotaged, A virus has been brought on board... The ship’s computer is determined to find and punish the traitor who caused this mess. Maybe it's you! There's only one way you’re getting off this ship alive: Blame someone else! On your turn, play Issue cards from your hand onto the Blame pile. You can play up to 3 cards or you may choose to play no cards. Each card played must share at least one Duty icon with the card beneath it. However, if you play a Betrayal or Infected card, you can play no other cards on the same turn (you play 1 card). The number of cards you played determines which action you must take. When someone is blamed, the accuser and accused crewmember go through the Issues in the Blame pile and count their respective Blame points. The one with the most points takes the Blame. The accuser takes it if the points are tied. At the end of the game: count all your Blame points from the Issues in your hand. The more you have, the worse your chances of survival. The game ends immediately when the last card is drawn (or turned over) from the Draw pile. The crewmember who does this must take the Blame!

Card Game
Science Fiction
Take That
2 - 6
Richard Wolfrik Galland
45 - 90