Blood & Steel: Mythological Series
Blood & Steel: Mythological Series (2018)


Blood & Steel - Mythological Series The basic game is a 2-player match, although more players are allowed in battle mode. Each player controls a god or mythological character that fights in the arena. The player who manages to drop his opponent’s hit points to zero wins. Each character card contains icons that represent his/her characteristics. The characteristics represented are: Initiative, Strength, Reflexes, Endurance, Vigor and Hit Points. How to play Blood & Steel?: The game is fairly simple, and one match can last about 10 or 20 minutes. Each turn is conducted as follows: 1st Choosing your actions: Each player has a basic identical deck of 20 cards: some are meant for movement, some are meant for attack or defense and others for action. Each player has 3 special cards that are character specific: one for attack, one for defense and one for movement. That makes for a total deck of 23 cards per player. Each player chooses three cards for the turn. 2nd Players roll for initiative, to determine who will conduct his actions first for this turn. Each player rolls 1d10 and adds his character’s initiative modifier. 3rd Both players show simultaneously their chosen cards, but he who won the initiative conducts his actions first.

Dice Rolling
Simultaneous Action Selection
Action Queue
2 - 8
Trafalgar Editions
Jose Antonio Luengo
5 - 20