Bike Race
Bike Race (2018)


Description Bike Race is a fast-paced road bicycle racing game for 2 to 4 players where each of them controls a team made up of three cyclists: the Peloton, the Duo, and the Sprinter. The goal is to cross the finish line with your cyclists before your opponents to get the highest amount of points. Gameplay Each player controls a team composed of one Sprinter, one Duo, and one Peloton. The starting player chooses 3 Movement Tokens, shakes them up in hands and and then drops them on the table. The visible sides show the actions which can be taken. The player then selects 2 Movement Tokens to move 2 cyclists. The next player does the same, this is repeated until all players have completed their moves. The end of the game is reached when all the cyclists have passed the finish line (red flags). At the end of the game the points obtained by the cyclists are summed up to establish the winner. Tracks A total of 11 double side track cards may be assembled to form various tacks. The game come with 2 standard tracks but the players may use the cards to build new tracks. A card with an Intermediate Line is available too. Features The Cyclists do not only have standard movements, each cyclist type features a special movement: Sprint, Catch up and Slipstream. Game Official Website

Card Game
1 - 4
Stefano Molinari
20 - 60