Bazyliszek (2018)


In the cellars of one of the tenement houses in Warsaw there is a basilisk - a creature that can turn a man into stone at a glance. You go to the underworld to face the terrible monster. During the search, visit as many chambers as possible. Remember, however, to bring a mirror with you - maybe you can hunt down a basilisk! Basilisk is a fast game of perceptiveness and memory, where children must memorize the appearance of rooms and find their mirror image. In real time, players reveal the dungeon cards and decide if they want to visit the given chamber (and keep the card), or leave the uncovered card on the table. After each card has been revealed, the round ends and players check their cards and score. Each chamber with its mirror counterpart is worth 5 points and each single chamber is worth 1 point. But there is a twist, if a player have more than 1 card with the same, non mirrored illustration, he/she has been petrified by the basilisk and loses all cards from this round! The game lasts 2-3 rounds, depending on the number of players. The player with the most points wins.

Children's Game
2 - 5
Jan Madejski
15 - 30