Battle of Heroes: Myth Taken
Battle of Heroes: Myth Taken (2018)


A fast-paced, abstract, squad combat game. Two players choose a leader each (who have passive abilities to boost their team), then a 2nd unit, then are given a 3rd each at random. In the advanced mode, you can play with 5 units each. Every turn, the player progresses each of their unit's turn meter (by moving the respective cube along the ready track) until they have a unit ready to attack. Each Hero has special abilities and attacks, creating an interesting strategy to every team. Each ability has a value (either damage, heal or alter turn meter) that the player activates and chooses to target. There are no dice or cards, just the strategy of who to attack, or do I use my ability now or save for a combo with another character? Players win by defeating all three of their opponents units. Alternatively, more than 2 players can fight in a free for all, where each player is out for themselves. Fancy testing out a squad or playing by yourself? There is a Boss character you can play against that will require all your wits to take down. Print and Play is available ahead of an upcoming crowdfunding campaign

Simultaneous Action Selection
Variable Phase Order
Abstract Strategy
Print & Play
1 - 4
Oliver Newton
15 - 60