Bird Feeder Frenzy
Bird Feeder Frenzy (2018)


A very casual deduction and bluffing game for 2 to 6 bird lovers. You’re just another bird plotting to get the biggest share of seeds from the neighborhood feeders with the most seeds and fewest other birds. The "Feeders" are several rows of cards in the middle of the table with some face-up and some face-down cards. Each turn, players add one card at one of the feeders, with an option to first peek at a face-down card. If the player peeks, they play their card face-up. Once all cards are played, all is revealed, critters steal their seeds, and the birds share what’s left. This 18-card micro-game gives players a limited amount of information along with a few ways to learn more about and impact what is available at each of the feeders. A little deduction will place your bird in the most advantageous spot, and a little bluffing will coax others’ birds to miss the big haul. —description from the publisher

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