Bitcoin: The Board Game
Bitcoin: The Board Game (2018)


Theme: Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Game-play: Each player has a token (game piece) and "wallet." The wallet is used to keep track of the players cash, bitcoin, and possibly bitcoin cash (if it gets forked into the game). Each player travels around the bitcoin playing board while trying to deal with positive news, negative news, and board spaces that lead to both positive and negative outcomes. Object of Game: Travel around the Bitcoin Logo board and be the first player to amass a wallet size of $200,000 in fiat currency (US Dollars or one of 6 other currencies Euro, British Pound, Euro, Yen, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar, and Australian Dollar). The ideal number of players is 3-4. There are 3 roles in the game. The main drivers of the game are: your decisions on buying, selling, and hodling bitcoin(bitcoin term for holding) and news cards that can dramatically affect the price of bitcoin both up and down. The game is designed for ages 12+. Although the real bitcoin has many complex characteristics, Bitcoin The Board Game only focuses on the elements that a teenager can understand and grasp. The game is meant to be enjoyed with friends and family in a casual setting. If you're like me, the 2017 holidays (US Thanksgiving and Christmas) were spent talking about bitcoin. This year, play the game! It will be available in time for the 2018 holidays. —description from the designer

Dice Rolling
Roll \/ Spin and Move
Betting and Bluffing
3 - 8
45 - 90