Biota: North Atlantic
Biota: North Atlantic (2018)


Discover the wildlife of the North Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic. Create food chains from living beings. Experience the man-made environmental destructions. Protect the environment through ECO innovation. Co-operative and competitive game modes from age 8, for 2 to 8 players. Family game mode: In each round: Draw and put 5 cards to the center of the table face up. Each player plays 2 cards simultaneously. Resolve: Eco cards neutralize the related threat cards. Remaining threat cards kill the related living being cards. Check if each living being has at least one nutriment. Then discard all starving beings. Players get their own played Eco cards with the neutralized threat cards and the survivor being cards as VP. Each player draws 2 cards. When the deck runs out the player with the most VPs (collected cards) wins. In case of co-operative game the players lost if the number of the discarded cards exceeds a specified number. Strategic game mode: The players take actions to collect beings and eco cards from a 3x5 matrix. Eco cards could be played as a specific action and neutralizing threat cards for bonus VPs. During this game the players build food chains (the longer worth more VPs) —description from the publisher

Set Collection
Card Game
Simultaneous Action Selection
Cooperative Game
2 - 8
Geospirit Games
Tamas Feigel
20 - 60