Beyond the Pale
Beyond the Pale (2018)


It is the year 1173, the Normans have invaded Ireland and King Henry II has laid claim to the island. But beyond Dublin, the old ways still rule and the ancient houses of Ireland hold sway. Take up the mantle of a young chieftain as you work to build your clan, expand your kingdom and gain the loyalty of your fellow Irish. Beyond the Pale tracks the Norman occupation and the Irish resistance over three centuries, spanning the invasion of the Bruce from Scotland, the Black Death, and the Norman retreat to their last vestige of power, the Pale of Dublin. Beyond the Pale is played over five rounds. Each round players work to expand the influence of their clan by conquering neighboring lords, making alliances with Norman nobles and gaining the loyalty of the Irish people. The player with the largest territory and greatest loyalty at the end of the fifth round wins and is named as the High King of Ireland.

Card Drafting
Territory Building
Action Points
Area Majority \/ Influence
2 - 4
Weird City Games
Tim Eisner
75 - 150