BattleTech: Strategic Operations – Advanced Aerospace Rules
BattleTech: Strategic Operations – Advanced Aerospace Rules (2008)

3.0 / 5

Another volume in the Classic Battletech core rules series, Strategic Operations focuses on "forces in solar system" (as opposed to "forces on world" for Tactical Operations and the even-wider-ranging scope of the forthcoming Interstellar Operations). This book's main sections consist of general rules covering a variety of topics (including a system for abstracted aerospace gaming); rules for advanced aerospace movement, combat, and unit construction; maintenance, repair, salvage, and customization rules; and miniatures rules (as opposed to using miniatures on a standard hex maps). A significant portion of the volume is taken up with standard and advanced rules for a revised version of Battleforce 2, a fast-playing game system amenable to mass combat. Rules for converting standard Battletech units to Battleforce are also included. Strategic Operations updates not only Battleforce but also AeroTech 2, integrating both into the current rules framework. Expands: BattleTech BattleTech: Total Warfare Re-implements: Battleforce 2 AeroTech 2

Dice Rolling
Variable Player Powers
Science Fiction
Hexagon Grid
2 - 6
Catalyst Game Labs
Randall N. Bills
Ray Arrastia
Herbert A. Beas II
Kirk Alderfer
Joel Bancroft-Connors
Paul Bowman