Blekoteco (2012)


Mental agility Game for all ages. Answers before time runs out the four responses to the initial guilding you each die, or think about it more and accounts for as many points as possible. Each player must provide himself with a pencil and paper, where he writes his name. Then 10 cards of categories are shuffled an place face down within reach of all players. In Turn, each player rolls the 4 pairs of dice, in sequence, rolling an alphabetical dice with a number dice. This will determine how many points will be scored for a valid word starting with the obtained initial letter. Then, a dice is thrown for selecting the active category. The dice is marked with six symbols wich corresponds the categories in the cards. The the first card is revealed and now every players know in wich category they must find words, and every player have a minute (an hourglass is provided with the game) for writing only a word per initial letter of the selected category. It's not mandatory write a word for each initial letter. When a player considers that his answer finished, puts his paper facedown in the middle of the table. After a minute, the papers are revealed in the order they were put. If a word is repeated, it only scores for the first player that wrote it. The process is repeated ten times, once for each card of categories. The player who scored more points wins the game.

Party Game
3 - 8
Edigráfica Games
Jose Antonio Abascal Acebo