Birds of a Feather: Undomesticated Owl Bear Promo
Birds of a Feather: Undomesticated Owl Bear Promo (2016)


Promo card from 2016 Table Top Day. The Undomesticated Owl Bear has an appetite for eggs, but is easily confused. Try to spot this mysterious creature! Setup: Place this card to the side. Right now, no one controls the Owl Bear. Each Round: After revealing cards, count the egg cards played this round. If zero or two or more players played an egg card, the Owl Bear is confused and doesn't move. If one player played an egg card, and she didn't already control the Owl Bear, she gains control of it! She can immediately mark one uncommon spot from any habitat. Place this card in front of her.

Hand Management
Set Collection
Card Game
Simultaneous Action Selection
Expansion for Base-game
1 - 7
Nothing Sacred Games
Teale Fristoe