Beginner's Bridge
Beginner's Bridge (1965)


The instructions are so arranged that the beginner progresses in easy steps, gradually learning to play Bridge. At the end, the novice will have learned the "Goren Point Count System" of playing, which is universally accepted wherever Bridge is played. This system was devised by Charles H. Goren, the world’s leading expert and authority on Bridge, whose aim was to make Bridge EASY and FUN for everyone. This is the way Beginners Bridge works: The book contains step by step directions on playing Bridge. After each step, you will be directed to the Bridge Tutor for some examples to illustrate how the information you have just learned is used. The Bridge Tutor is a device that eliminates the other three players needed to play Bridge! Thus, you can practice by yourself and yet actually simulate a four handed game. You progress, at your own pace, by simply following the easy directions in the book and playing the different hands in the Tutor.

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Milton Bradley
Charles H. Goren