BattleCON: Claus & Wyndhal Promo
BattleCON: Claus & Wyndhal Promo (2012)

3.0 / 5

Claus & Wyndhal fight by bashing into enemies and sending them flying backwards. They possess high maneuverability, and are simple and straightforward characters to learn the game with. Despite that the character's illustration contains two characters, the pair fight as a single unit and have only one presence on the board, unlike other 'team characters' such as Tatsumi & Juto. Claus & Wyndhal are characters from an unfinished game that was planned by Level 99 Games, but ultimately dropped. It was entitled: "Wyndhal, Ancient of Autumn" This promo card is available from Level 99 Games convention booths and the Level 99 Games online store.

Expansion for Base-game
Level 99 Games
D. Brad Talton, Jr.