Blocky Mountains: The Rock Slide
Blocky Mountains: The Rock Slide (2014)


The Rock Slide (Die Felsenrutsche) is the first expansion for Blocky Mountains to include an additional block. Specifically, the expansion includes the following: A yellow, S-curve slope, called "Rock Slide". 15 route cards 4× A 5× B 6× C This expansion features three routes that require a new form of teamwork between the grizzly and the trapper, as well as rule modifications for the cooperative variant, and the "Great Hero" scenario, which allows one player to really impress — or entertain — her friends. Perhaps most importantly, the yellow S-curve block included in this is the block required for the Dream Route Card that backers of the project received in early 2014, which until now (December 2014) was useless.

Modular Board
Action \/ Dexterity
Cooperative Game
1 - 7
Gerhard Junker