Blarney: The Definitive Word Game
Blarney: The Definitive Word Game (1987)


This game consists of decks of cards each with five words and their definitions on them. The Blarney Master - chosen by the roll of the die - selects a card, then chooses one of the words by speaking it. The 3-minute timer is begun and the players have that long to write down their definition of the word. Scoring is determined the players voting for the "best definition" and points are awarded to the player with the most votes and the player with the best definition and the Blarney Master if no one votes for the correct definition. The one with the most points gets a green Blarney stone to indicate such. That ends a round; then the Blarney Master position passes to the next player. On certain cards, one of the words has no meaning so is simply "Blarney" and the Master must make up a plausible definition. The game ends after 10 rounds; the winner being the player with the most Blarney stones.

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