Bing-Oh! (2006)


This is the CRAZIEST bingo game you'll ever play! Choose your Bing-Oh!™ card at random. Each one is different. Take turns rolling the Bing-Oh!™ dice. Place your chips on the corresponding space and let the MADNESS begin! Depending on the square your chip lands on, you may get to steal chips from your opponent, add extra chips to your card, lose a turn, roll again, swap cards with an opponent, set up a “Road Block”, or one of many other devious events. Get six in a row to win, but be careful! Your opponent might foil your victory by removing chips from your board! Or worse yet, you might run out of chips! There is no telling what’s gonna happen next in Bing-Oh!™

Card Game
2 - 6
Haywire Group
Wicked Good Games