BattleBots: Build' Em Bash 'Em
BattleBots: Build' Em Bash 'Em (2002)


Based on the TV series with the fighting robots, this is a two-stage game. You start with a chassis that also includes a basic weapon. In the first part of the game, you bid on robot bodies, armor, and upgraded weapons. Each player has a hand of cards that are numbered from 0 to 3, plus a "Battle" card. To get a body, you play a "war"-like card game, blindly drawing one of your cards. The player with the highest card gets to choose from the four bodies available. The loser chooses from what is remaining. Next, the players bid for accessories, the armor and weapons. The loser of the body choice gets to choose the first accessory up for bid. Each robot has a specific set of armor that will fit it. If you lose the bid on it, you are at a severe disadvantage. However, your opponent will have had to use up bid cards and thus will have less for later auctions. You also can prevent your opponent from completing his robot by playing your "Battle" card in an auction. This gives the item up for bid to your opponent, but ends all bidding for accessories and sends you to the next stage of the game. Once you have a robot and accessories for it, it is time to battle in the arena. You build your robot on a plastic arm that has a wheel control and trigger on the other side. Robots face off on any flat surface. Battles have a Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots robots feel, as the goal is to maneuver your robot where it can knock off your opponent's armor and expose a release button. Hit the release button and the opponent's robot pops off and you win the round. the first player to win four rounds wins the game.

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Action \/ Dexterity
Milton Bradley