Beadecked (2009)


From the Box: The Beadazzling Card Game For 2-6 players, Aged 6 and up 5 shapes, 4 colors, 3 patterns. Match 2 of the 3 to make a beadlightful string of Beadcards. You'll be beadsotted with them all! 6 Different Easy-To-Learn Card Games! Beadecked - Build an unbeadlievably beadutiful Beadcard necklace. Beadspoke - Tailor-make your own string or Beadwitch another Beader by beading on theirs. Beadtween - From beadginning to end, taking beads is the trick. But don't wait, you might bead late! Beadmarket - In this Go Fish! twist, if another Beader won't beadstow a match, the Beadmarket may. Beadominoes - Create one beadazzling string in this Dominoes modbeadification. Beadrummy - Form combeadnations of 3 and 4 Beadcards in this beadguiling spin on Rummy.

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Set Collection
Card Game
Card Drafting
Pattern Building
Children's Game
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2 - 6
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Dave Parker