Biome Builder
Biome Builder (2017)


Cards come in four suits (biomes). Each suit has multiple cards numbered one through five. The players manage hands of five cards and have access to a central market of five face-up cards. Players may build two biomes at one time in their play area by playing cards of each biome on top of one another, with each succeeding card greater in value than the prior one, as in Lost Cities. Players also may trade with the market and discard action cards, taking as many actions on their turns as they have cards for. Hands are replenished at turn’s end. A biome of at least three cards may be “banked” at any time, making room in the player’s play area for a new biome to begin. Play continues until the deck runs out. Players then add up the values of the cards in their banked biomes and collect a 10-point bonus for each biome that used all numbers 1 through 5.

Hand Management
Set Collection
Card Game
2 - 4
Killer Snails
15 - 30