Bedlam Cards
Bedlam Cards (2014)


Bedlam is a humorous card game with some other components, set in an asylum world full of the lunatics from everywhere else in the multiverse. The aim of Bedlam is to accumulate Heart and Mind points, or be the last player left standing. If a player loses all their Heart points, they are Scared to Death. If they lose all their Mind points, they have Gone Crazy. In either case, they are out of the game. On a typical turn a player will face an Enemy or Ordeal, and try to beat it using a Slider with inverse stat values to make their Courage and Sanity greater than what they are facing. Beating Enemies and Ordeals earns Reward cards as well as points. During turns players can place one of each type of Stuff card on the table in front of them. Stuff cards are Weapons, Buddies or Things. Stuff can help its owner, or be used to mess with opponents.

Hand Management
Card Game
Role Playing
Player Elimination
Take That
2 - 4
Madhouse Ink
Sam Bowring
David Williams (II)
30 - 90