Black Rabbit Dice
Black Rabbit Dice (2014)


Black Rabbit Dice are a set of story telling dice to help children and adults tell fun stories and stretch their creativity and brains while encouraging mental growth. The set consists of 16 wooden six-sided dice with different pictures laser etched on all their faces. One in particular is a Black Rabbit, which is where they get their name from. The producer of the dice has five different rulesets for the dice in order to play a variety of games with them. They also encourage you to come up with your own games to play with them to make them your own. The rule sets are: 1. Pass. Where the players roll one of the die and they have to incorporate the image rolled into the ever growing story of the group. 2. Vacation. Which is a memory game where each player rolls a die from their pool and says what they saw on vacation based on what is on the die. Each player does this but has to remember what each previous thing rolled was. Failing to remember a previous roll forces you to give a die to your opponent. The last person with dice wins. 3. Story telling. A fake it until you make it game. You roll a number of the die and make a story with all the images rolled, trying to tell a coherent story. 4. Compound. Where you roll two dice and then you have to come up with a compound word related to the two die rolls. 5. Synonyms. A game where you roll a number of dice and then pick two dice to make a synonym based on those two dice. You score points every time you successfully come up with a synonym. Play to a agreed score or a number of rounds.

Dice Rolling
Word Game
Pattern Recognition
Children's Game
Cooperative Game
2 - 6
McKay Anderson
30 -