Beyond Baker Street: Promo Cards
Beyond Baker Street: Promo Cards (2016)


Set of 3 cards given with game pre-order from publisher, and some conventions. Includes 2 new characters and a new suspect. New Suspect card is The Napolean of Crime. He has a Lead value of 21 (!!), but ANY combination of Evidence cards may be played to him. "You can play any combination of Evidence cards to this Lead. He is the only Lead Suspect card place during setup. You cannot Pursue a new Lead Suspect." The new Character cards are labeled EX1 and EX2. EX1: Dr. John Watson, physician, (0 pipes) "Move the Holmes marker twice when you take the Assist action." EX2: Mycroft Holmes, Agent, (4 pipes) "When you Assist, do not move the Holmes marker."

Hand Management
Expansion for Base-game
Cooperative Game
Push Your Luck
2 - 4
Z-Man Games, Inc.
Robin Lees
Steve Mackenzie
15 - 45