Bermuda Crisis: Discovery Dawning
Bermuda Crisis: Discovery Dawning (2010)


An infrastructure building game in which players spend resources to upgrade camps (a kind of tech track) and draw special power cards (from 3 different decks with different styles of effects). Players can choose to split their resource draws between the 'rare' and 'common' resource decks, and will need cards from both decks to make upgrades and purchase cards. Trading is permitted, and the game encourages creative trades. The game ends wither when a player hits 12 VP. However, when players draw Artifacts from the resource decks (which serve as wild cards), the 'discovery dawning track' advances; if it completed, the game ends and the victor is determined by counting a different sort of VP. The game includes basic and advanced rules, so that beginners are not overwhelmed by the special powers available to them. There are several viable paths to victory, and the game supports different play styles depending on your chosen path to victory (isolationist, interactive, aggressive). From the beginning of the rules: Welcome to a mysterious island in the Bermuda Triangle, where you and your opponents represent freshly-arrived teams in search of incredible power and money. In order to be victorious, you must manage resourced wisely, plan coordinated attacks, and accomplish cunning trades. Multiple routes exist to the finish line - will you be the one who best analyzes the given situation an emerges victorious? This is what you will discover in Bermuda Crisis: Discovery Dawning.

Bower's Game Corner: #445 Bermuda Crisis: Discovery Dawning Review
Hand Management
2 - 4
(Web published)
Lysander Games
Jerrod Warr