Behind the Dungeon
Behind the Dungeon (2018)


Do you want to attack the dungeon? No! Well do you want to defend the dungeon then? YES! In Behind the Dungeon the players become dungeon master who hire monsters and stop the warriors from attacking! Hurry up! Champions will soon arrive in the dungeon! At the start of the game the dungeon is set up which consist of 5 monster type tiles and below them 5 randomly drawn hero tiles which will represent the heroes that will attack the dungeon at the end of the game. Goal of the game is to defend each dungeon from each hero with the corresponding monster type. Players also receive 10 dungeon cores, which function like victory points in the game. In a turn a player plays one card in front of them and then gives 1 card face down to a player of their choice. That player may accept or reject the card. It could be a monster card which can be put in the dungeon or a special card which effect has to be carried out immediately. Then, the player draws back up to 4 cards and it is the next player's turn. When the draw pile is empty players enter the scoring phase and check if the combined power of their monsters is higher than the hero's power. If the hero's power is higher it deducts that number from the dungeon cores. Whoever has the most dungeon cores is the winner of the game.

Set Collection
Card Game
Party Game
Betting and Bluffing
2 - 4
Fred Park
15 - 25