Black May 1943, The Battle of the Atlantic
Black May 1943, The Battle of the Atlantic (2020)


Welcome to Black May 1943, The Battle of the Atlantic - a historic Pick-Up and Deliver, Destination Defence game for 2-6 players. Play as cooperative (2-6 players) or 1 vs 1. Face off with the Wolf Packs of World War II in an intense game of suspense in this great campaign! Our tabletop boardgame is brought to you by Double L Games, a brand new company based in Canada. Black May 1943 is a strategic, historical game that you play as either 2-6 player co-operative, or 1 vs. 1 game, where you are in charge of getting your convoy across the Atlantic Ocean before Germany's deadly 'Wolf Packs' of U-Boots sink your supply vessels. By rolling the 6 'Orders' dice, you must choose which vessels to move, and in what order, to protect your supply vessel from the enemy. They will be gunning for you, so drop mines to block their path and sacrifice where you must, to deliver the much needed supplies to the Allies. —description from the publisher

Dice Rolling
World War II
Movement Points
Cooperative Game
Hexagon Grid
Die Icon Resolution
Hidden Movement
2 - 6
Double L Games
David Llewellyn
60 - 240