Blackwood Chainsaw Massacre: Scenario for Pandora's Fury!
Blackwood Chainsaw Massacre: Scenario for Pandora's Fury! (2016)


In the early years of the fall of human civilisation, several back woodsmen have survived due in no small part to their isolation from larger pockets of habitation. The Alien diseases which ravaged the cities after “The Pandora Event” ripped a whole in the fabric of our reality, letting the Other-Verse in, have yet to trouble the small community. The residents of Blackwood would like to keep it that way. The small community has already begun to fortify itself with barbed wire and by constructing other fortifications, including a watch tower. Now they have also begun to clear the woods closest to their micro community in order to create a field of fire and to remove cover form any one or any thing that may try and approach the small community and may seek to do it harm. While out felling trees, however, some of the locals discover that there are already creatures from the Other-Verse lurking in their woods, and they are hungry! “The Blackwood Chainsaw Massacre” is a skirmish scenario designed for the “Pandora's Fury!” rules but which can be easily modified for any other skirmish rules you like. Statistics for the combatants are included, using the Pandora's Fury! rules system. Use any scale or miniatures you like. The Scenario pits lumber jacks and townsfolk against the horrors of the Other-Verse in a desperate fight for survival. This scenario was featured in the games room at Moria Con 2015.

Dice Rolling
Science Fiction
Role Playing
Expansion for Base-game
2 - 8
Gethsemane Games
Bryan F. Irving