Bismarck: The Last Battle
Bismarck: The Last Battle (2020)


Bismarck: The Last Battle is a compact, strategic-level solitaire game covering the last 5 days of operations of the most feared German battleship in WWII. This game utilizes a unique and strategic card-driven battle system revolving around Bismarck's operations which will provide player with a multitude of decisions & tactics. While extremely competitive as a solitaire game, Bismarck : The Last Battle is quite addictive for the player, as every repeatable battle is a struggle to survival. The card-based battle system is a different take on the "normal" event/operations points driven systems. Separate card decks are provided for each game turn, in a total of 5 decks, including enemy units (carriers, planes, destroyers etc.) in a 100% historical approach. Units comprise five different types: Carriers Battleships Battlecruisers Destroyers Airplane Bombers Special rules are provided for Repairs, Fire, Damage Effects, Hull Meter, Weather Condition Track, Deck & Flak Gun Attacks, etc. The main target of the player is to sink enemy warships, shot down enemy bombers and try to survive after the last 5th turn, to win the game. Player can play a full campaign or choose to play one of 5 historical scenarios included. Product Information: Complexity: 4 out of 10 Time Scale: Single Day Turn with multiple cards plays per player Map Scale: Area map Unit Scale: Carriers, Battleships, Battlecruisers, Destroyers, Airplanes —description from the publisher

Campaign \/ Battle Card Driven
Dice Rolling
Area Movement
Grid Movement
World War II
Solo \/ Solitaire Game
Hexagon Grid
Compass Games
Petros Sorilos
60 - 120