Battles of the Seven Years War: Austria versus Prussia
Battles of the Seven Years War: Austria versus Prussia (2010)


Pitched battles were the essence of the Seven Years War. Who hasn't been stirred by Frederick's extraordinary victory over the Austrian host at Leuthen, or his shattering defeat at Kolin? You cannot understand the Seven Tears War without battles, and so we offer this first of two studies of the essential actions of Frederick the Great's most important war. Lobositz - 30 September, 1756 Prague - 6 May, 1757 Kolin - 18 June, 1757 Rossbach - 5 November, 1757 Leuthen - 5 December, 1757 Hochkirch - 14 October, 1758 Liegnitz - 15 August, 1760 Torgau - 4 November, 1760 Freiburg - 28 October, 1762 Each battle includes a historical summary, detailed battle map, notes on game representation of terrain, deployment, game length, and victory. A detailed game order of battle is of course provided. It also serves as a game roster sheet and is intended to be photocopied by the players and used during the game. The order of battle gives you as much information as possible about the armies. Often game units are made up of several historic units, and wherever possible those historic units are noted. Regardless of what rules systems you enjoy, BATTLES OF THE SEVEN YEARS WAR is an indispensable game and historical resource. Look for its forthcoming companion volume, covering the battles with the Russians, German allies, and French.

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Age of Reason
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Test of Battle Games
Frank Chadwick