Black Bones
Black Bones (2019)


Get ready to lift the anchor and sharpen the saber. The battle for the Hegemony of the seven seas is about to begin. Impersonate one of the four power-hungry captains and lead your ship to the archipelago chosen for the challenge. Create your winning strategy and hit your opponents with cannon shots to conquer the coveted Black Bones title. Everything is permissible to attempt to sink the enemy and his rabble; cannon shots, effect balls, lasers and even unleash the wrath of the terrible kraken. For all the forks, what are you waiting for? Don't be a bilge rat. Raise the flag and set the dust on fire, glory awaits you. A fighting and strategy game based on turn mechanics. Opponents fight in an area divided into squares trying to defeat each other. Using cards or resources they find by exploring the board. PLAYING THE GAME A game is divided into rounds of play. In your turn you can move your vessel trying to find the Cannonball tile to attack. Then it will be up to the other participants and then back to you and so on until a player gets the win. Use your cards to move and act from your vessel. During the first round, no offensive action can be taken !!! MOVEMENT During your round the vessel allows to move in a straight line, in an orthogonal or diagonal direction in the number of boxes you want. When you finish a move by stopping on a covered tile, uncover it and play. Once done, the tile must be removed from the board. You can also stop on a box that does not contain tiles, in which case nothing will happen. You have the right to at least one move per turn, if you have Additional Movement cards you can make other moves. You can make moves and offensive Actions in the order you prefer, alternating them as many times as you want based on your possibilities. For example: your vessel can move three spaces, find a Cannonball tile, use an Additional Movement card and move three more squares, shoot an opponent, play another Additional Movement card by moving five more spaces and end up on a box finnding a Fog card. IMPASSABLE BOX A vessel cannot cross or stop on a space occupied by another player or on a Rock tile. OFFENSIVE ACTIONS To shoot or take offensive actions by using the cards you have find a Cannonball tile. You can decide to shoot whenever you want but you CANNOT have more than one cannon ball at the same time, so if you already have one and find another in the next round you are forced to fire a shot immediately. You can shoot along a straight orthogonal or diagonal trajectory from your position. You can shoot enemy vessels or destroy Rock tiles visible from your location. You can use the cards to change the effect of your shots. HIT SHOTS When you get hit by an opponent vessel, without you being able to defend yourself with the cards you have available, you must place a hit marker on your score card. ATTENTION!!! With three hits you are out of the game! WIN THE GAME The last vessel in the game wins the battle. ATTENTION!!! Should the tiles in the game end and there is not yet a winner, all the remaining vessels have to be placed at their respective starting points, all the tiles, including the Cannonballs set aside, reshuffled and the game board set up again to continue the battle until only one remains! —description from the publisher

Grid Movement
Modular Board
Player Elimination
Turn Order: Pass Order
Square Grid
Multiple Maps
2 - 4
Little Rocket Games
Marco Salogni
15 - 30