Beard Wizards
Beard Wizards (2019)


Beard Wizards is a simple and silly card game of set collection, hand management, and take that mechanics. The theme revolves around wizards and beards with whimsical cartoon artwork. It features fanciful beards with powerful ongoing benefits, spells that have a wide variety of immediate effects, and artifacts that have ongoing benefits. The goal of the game is to collect seven golden beard hairs, then cast the ultimate ritual and win the game. Players start with one golden beard hair. On their turn, a player draws two cards, and takes up to two actions. Actions include playing a spell, artifact, or beard card, or discarding cards to perform a ritual. Each ritual requires a certain minimum number of beard hairs, so the more hairs you have, the more powerful rituals you have access to.

Hand Management
Set Collection
Card Game
Take That
2 - 5
The Dusty Tophat
10 - 25