Black Party: Das Varieté des Todes
Black Party: Das Varieté des Todes (2020)


In Black Party the players embody figures who are involved into a spectacular murder case. One of the players is the murderer. But the others also have their dirty secrets or a motive and each of them have an extra task that only they know. The group decides by guessing and reconstructing the crime who is the murderer and afterwards the players see if the group was on the right track. So it's about getting away with life. Because what good is it to be innocent if the others think you are guilty? In Black Party - The Variety of Death, the variety artist Loulou Lalouche dies in a particularly cruel manner: her tame boa Constictor, with whom she performs a seductive dance, strangled her on the open stage. Who is the murderer?

Party Game
6 - 7
moses. Verlag GmbH