Blitzkrieg Commander: Fast Play Tabletop Wargame Rules for WWII – 3rd Edition
Blitzkrieg Commander: Fast Play Tabletop Wargame Rules for WWII – 3rd Edition (2017)


New and updated version of the blitzkrieg commander series! Suitable for any scale miniatures, from 2mm right up to 28mm. Simple command system that emphasises the fog of war. Effective mechanism for casualty resolution. Flexible figure ratio meaning one base represents a platoon. Minimal setup time, simply assemble your forces and play. Contains 49 army lists covering all nations and theatres. Includes 15 scenarios. Suitable for solo, two player or multi-player games. No supplements, everything you need to play WWII games in one book. Quick Reference Sheet included. For the existing BKC gamers, you'll probably want to know what's changed in BKC-III? Generally, this 3rd Edition remains true to the BKC you're familiar with, but with a bit of a refresh on the text. All of the core elements remain in the game and everything should run much the way it always has. Things that you may find work slightly differently include: Scale - Established at '1 base = 1 platoon' Terrain (movement, visibility and cover) - Revamped and simplified in places. Basic Actions - Now set out in defined actions list. Unit Abilities (including profiles) - Revamped. Command Units - Revamped and can now fight and be knocked out like other units. Close Assault - Streamlined. Off-table Support - Streamlined. Engineering - Streamlined and moved to command phase. Recce Actions - Streamlined. Exceptions & Special Rules - Extracted into formal 'special abilities' for units. Army Lists - Revamped and increased. If you know and love Blitzkrieg Commander already then BKC-III should hopefully feel familiar but fresh to you. For those new to these rules, grab yourself a copy and see what everyone is talking about! Replaced by Blitzkrieg Commander IV

Dice Rolling
World War II
Scenario \/ Mission \/ Campaign Game
Measurement Movement
1 - 6
Pendraken Miniatures
Stephen Hardy
Peter Andrew Jones
90 - 240