Block Builders
Block Builders (2020)


In Block Builders, you build a collective 3D structure with the aim of controlling the largest territory corresponding to your color at the end of the game when looking at the whole structure from above. On your turn, you can choose whether to add one piece ("block") to the structure, move your pawn, or remove your pawn. The blocks can be placed only close to your own pawn, which you can move almost unlimitedly. However, your pawn can't touch blocks of your own color. Neutral blocks enrich the spectrum of all possible strategies. The whole game consists in opening up new building opportunities without giving too many of them to the opponents, and of course, in developing an outstanding structure. —description from the publisher

Territory Building
Variable Player Powers
Modular Board
Video Game Theme
Pieces as Map
Three Dimensional Movement
2 - 4
2Tomatoes Games
Tangi Tabuteau
15 - 20